Saturday 25 August 2012

EUROPA 2012 - Macedonia

This year macedonian post issued three europa stamps - as far as i know their worth is ridiculously high for everyday usage, which makes it that much more precious to have this cover in my collection!
Hvala bossita :)

P.S. - as it turns out the third stamp was covered with the sticker??!! Blimey. Why would anyone do that...


  1. Ček malo...jel se meni čini il oni su pljesnuli naljepnicu preko one treće markice???!!!!! :O a jooj, ne mogu verovati!!! (fali mi onaj :flaming: emoticon!)

  2. ajoj znači bila je treća markica?! sad vidin da vire zupci ispod...FLAMING takodjer! :( boo