Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Stamps #100 - Show Us Something Special!

First of all, congratulations to everyone participating in this great project, i am sure it is only 1st of many 'anniversaries' ! To celebrate, we show something we deem special - though in a way everything we decide to show for Sunday Stamps is special :)) But I immediately thought of these Royal Mail FDCs, because I don't think I would normally show them as they were not addressed to me...sometimes I browse ebay, as I have mentioned, but these (upper two) I have specifically looked for, because they were immediately sold out on the RM web-site! And although I was in the UK at the time of their issue, it was impossible to find them in POs :/ I think Royal Mail issues some of the most interesting and/or stunning sets, and getting them can be something like an ordeal..!

Anyways, here they are :)
*As a huge animal lover, and fauna being the favourite theme on covers, I chose this awesome set celebrating the 50th anniversary of WWF; featuring face-on-camera portraits of ten endangered animal species - the African elephant, mountain gorilla, Siberian tiger, polar bear, Amur leopard, Iberian Lynx, red panda, black rhinoceros, African wild dog and golden lion tamarin. Issued March 2011.
*The six "jigsaw" shape stamps celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species. More specifically, they commemorate Darwin and the areas of study which inspired his ideas of evolution : zoology, botany, geology, ornithology and anthropology. Issued in February 2009.
*So very British - the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes, again reaching heights of popularity thanks to the recent movies and modernised TV series. The se-tenant strip of 5 stamps shows the scenes from different novels and with different characters. Interesting red cancellation! Issued in 1993.

This is turning into a monstruously (Moriarty-like?) long post, so I better leave you to check other very interesting posts for this sunday ;)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Stamps #99 - Stamps With A Message

After a short break I get to participate in Sunday Stamps again - this week's theme has made me struggle again heh, but i have found this lovely Brasilian stamp issued in 2011 promoting the World Day to Combat Violence Against the Elderly. A couple is protected from the aggression, disrespect, indifference and  violence carrying a 'shield' (umbrella) made of love, respect, dignity and affection. Great message :))) Funnily enough it looks like it has rained on this cover..!
Many nice entries, check them out:


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Isle Of Man Various

These three stamps were issued in 1978. I have actually bought some IOM stamps on ebay and received them in this envelope, nice :))

Malta Definitives

'MaltaPost' issued a set of two stamps (in 2012) which add to the Definitive set that was originally issued on 29 December 2009. The set of two stamps depicts the Gold Coin (Byzantine Period) and the George Cross (British Period)'. Malta Post has its own web-site now :) I have sent this set during my visit earlier this year - alas the cancellation is on the reverse side..!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

International Letter-Writing Week, Japan

Wow I was so close to not participating in today's task...I couldnt find anything on the theme hobbies, until I opened my old letters-box. And oh what a splendid coincidence - I've found a beautiful stamp celebrating the International Letter-Writing Week in Japan.
''International Letter-Writing Week was initiated in 1957 at the 14th Congress of Universal Postal Union (UPU), with the aim of contributing to the world peace by promoting cultural exchange through correspondence among people around the world. It was decided to observe this event during the week that includes October 9, the date of the UPU's establishment. International Letter-Writing Week was set in Japan for the week of October 6 to 12. MPT has been issuing stamps annually to commemorate this event since 1958.'' (Source:
The stamps usually show Japanese traditional paintings - in 2008 they depicted three of "Fifty-three stations of the Tokaido Road " by Utagawa Hirohsige (1797-1858), ukiyoe artist in the late Edo era.

I am a huge ukiyo-e fan, as of Japanese culture, so I am really happy to have found this! The picture itself doesnt show a hobby but celebrates one of the greatest hobbies there are. I used to be very active in writing letters as a kid, these days postcards take up most of my time xD
You can check the different takes on today's Viridian's Sunday Stamps challenging theme yourself ;)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Patchwork From The USA

I love stamp sets on the covers, OR such lovely mix of everything like this one from dear Lori - thanks :)))

Friday, 26 October 2012

British Virgin Islands

I have received this cover by 'accident'; a friend asked a friend to send me a postcard, but they understood a folded here we are :)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

EUROPA 2004, Bosnia And Herzegovina

The theme for 2004 Europa issues was 'Vacation'. I love the name of the country written in the corner of the envelope :) Hvala Goge!

Classic Album Covers, UK

I was living in England when these came out - a set of 10 classic album covers, issued in January 2010. I was snooping around every local post office for them, in the end I had to go quite far and found one set, the rest was sold out! Some stamps were used on postcards, these three with the South London postmark present the albums: IV by Led Zeppelin ('71), Screamadelica by Primal Scream ('91) and Let It Bleed by The Rolling Stones ('69).

Monday, 22 October 2012

Toše Proeski, Macedonia

Last week was the sad 5th anniversary of the tragic demise of one of the most promising artists on the Balkans in the last decade - Todor Toše Proeski was a Macedonian singer, songwriter and actor who was popular across the entire Balkan area, not only because of his talent but also for his humanitarian work. His life was ended abruptly at the age of 26 in a car crash on the road to Zagreb. We all fondly remember him...
Hvala Ana, markice su stvarno prekrasne i kakve zasluzuje.. :)

Here is a song from his last album, in which he sings 'Because my life is a game with no boundaries, a tired story, tearing of the empty pages...'


Animals In Germany

This set was issued while I was in Germany, and it inspired me for an animal group in my fav RR :) It is issued in relation to re-introducing wild animal species native to Germany, such as Elk and Lynx. In retrospective, what I am especially happy about is the cancellation with the name of the place it was sent from! Usually these only say 'Briefzentrum'. I have one out of tens of postcards with the name too.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Folklore Of Guatemala

Inspired by my postcrossing friend Ana I've decided to participate in this week's edition of Sunday Stamps on Veridian's Postcard Blog  xD The theme is folklore, and I have been looking eagerly through my rather small collection of covers, only to find this great item from Guatemala sent to me by Pat for the NCC RR!
All issued in 2010; the 1st stamp is from a set of 10 showing Textile Art of Guatemala. Other two stamps are from a set of 4 showing typical costumes of Guatemala, a continuation of a set issued in 2007. First is a costume of  San Mateo Ixtatán (West Guatemala, Cuchumatanes mountain range), the second of Tecpán (South-Central Guatemala, on the Inter-American Highway). Gorgeous and unique cancellation! Thanks again Pat :))

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Republique Du Niger

A wonderful mix of stamps on this cover! One celebrating the space discoveries, picturing Kennedy and Armstrong. Elvis is quite popular as I've seen more than one edition of Niger stamps with his image :) Very generous with cancellations too. Very very happy with this cover!


I am happy to have a friend who has travelled extensively and to some exotic destinations too :) At the time I was more interested in stamps themselves than covers, and oh blimey i cut them off the envelopes :/ However I have a few 'survivors', among them this cover from Benin. Colourful stamps from years 2004 and 2005. Good cancellations too, yippiee! If only he had managed to send a postcard too ;)) (He tried!)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Eduard Wiiralt, Estonia

This was a surprise cover from Ashley from his trip to Estonia in 2009 :) A great set of stamps from 1998 celebrating a centennial of Eduard Wiiralt's birthday - he was a renowned Estonian artist, and this set shows a fragment of his graphics Põrgu (Hell) from 1930-32. Alas the envelope got damp on the way and I haven't managed to iron it out since..!


An Airmail cover from Honduras, received last week with a stamped card inside, as one w&s card sent before didn't reach me. Very nice gesture, and this way I get a cover too :)) With stamps from 2008 (Beijing Olympics) and 2009 (Juegos Tradicionales). Gracias Mervin :)))

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

EUROPA 2012 - Lithuania

For this year's Europa issue Lithuania presented its town (architecture) and country. Couldn't find which exact spots they are! Thank you very much Algis :)

Art From Spain

This cover displays one stamp from 1965 from a set of ten: Paintings by Julio Romero de Torres; and one new issue from 2012, cinema related: 26th annual los Premios Goya or Goya Film Awards, from a set of three. Thanks Fabienne :)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

EUROPA 2012 - France

I love the loooong French stamps! As this year's Europa theme is 'Visit...' here you can see all the great sites in France - the Cirque de Mofate (Réunion), the Eiffel Tower, the Pont du Gard aqueduct, the stunning Mont Saint-Michel and the Place Stanislas in Nancy. As it happens, all are Unesco sites :)
Thank you goes to Stephanie and Arnaud, as both sent me a cover.

San Marino

Very happy to have a cover from San Marino in my humble collection! The 1st stamp is from a joint issue with Slovakia from 2007, showing the 13th-cent. Orava Castle in north-western Slovakia. The 2nd was issued in 2001 and is from a set of 5 showing French painters - this is Post-Impressionist Paul Cézanne.
Another great addition from Luca, thanks so much! The cancellation is also gorgeous :))

Monday, 1 October 2012

Carpets Of Morocco

Whilst in Morocco I've sent myself (sure I do that!) this cover with a set of self-adhesive stamps issued in 2008, showing carpet designs from different regions - they are 4 out of 10, the rest I've used to send postcards :) The envelope was a lucky find in one of the souvenir shops. I must admit that Morocco is prime class when it comes to the variety of postcards!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Horses Of India

Another great cover for the animal group, representing four Indian horse breeds. Issued in 2009. Additional stamp is from the series 'Personalities', with Surendranath Jauhar. There is also a special sparrow cancellation, to raise the awareness that this little bird is actually not as common as it used to be...Thanks Sauj! :)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Palau-Japan Friendship Bridge, Palau

Patrick often goes to exotic places (for business if I remember correctly!) and is so thoughtful to offer to send interesting covers - this one shows a part of the sheet with 30 stamps issued in 2002,  'Palau-Japan Friendship Bridge'. It took me a while to find the info but I think I've solved my problem - finding the Postbeeld online catalogue! I will also include their scan of this issue for better perspective. Thanks Pat! :))

RMS Titanic100th Anniversary Commemoration, Canada

As many involved in postcrossing know already, this year was 100th anniversary commemoration of the most famous sunken ship RMS Titanic. This great set of stamps shows us both the front (bow, top two) and the back (stern, bottom two) of the ship. Also, they have been cancelled in Halifax, the city in Canada that played a major role in retrieval of the bodies after the tragic event, as the closest city to the sinking with direct rail and steamship connections.
Many thanks to Maryam!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, Australia

This is the year that the Commonwealth celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of their queen Elizabeth II. A lovely set of stamps showing the queen then and now. Thank you Irene :)


A cover with fantastic stamps from Tunisia, from Radim who is always so kind to send mail from his many travel destinations. Děkuji Radim!
The 1st stamp shows maajna, a traditional large ceramic bowl used for kneading dough during bread preparation. The 2nd one commemorates the Tunisian Revolution which began on 18th December 2010  and ended on 14th January 2011 with the ousting of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Both current issues.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Traditional Likay Play, Thailand

ชื่อกลุ่มสินค้างานแสดงตราไปรษณียากรแห่งชาติ 2554
วันแรกจำหน่าย04 สิงหาคม 2554
(heh this is the first info I found)
A special stamp collection featuring the Likay traditional play, issued on 4 August 2011 to mark the opening of the 17th Thailand Philatelic Exhibition, or Thaipex 2011.
And how beautiful are these stamps?! I have received a couple on a postcard once, now I have the whole set, yay :)) You cannot see it on the scan but there are glittering touches on the colourful costumes! Complete with different cancellations. And inside a standard postal postcard with perforated stamp rim, very cool :) Thanks so much Nina, who can wish for more? :)))

Year Of The Dragon, Serbia

A gorgeous Year Of The Dragon stamp issued by the Serbian Post, one of the best I've seen! Thats why I had to scan it separately to have a better view :) Also the Belgrade Central Office/Telephone Exchange. I was close to being sorry having to erase my address, as Ana has one of the handsomest handwritings ever..!

And oh what a joy, a set of stamps with reptiles from our former country Yugoslavia issued in 1962! I was a stamp collector before I became a postcard collector...and I still like receiving stamps on occasion, especially if they are animal sets. I have loads of stamps on paper at home waiting to be sorted...its a relaxing hobby once I stop working and spend the winter days at home.
Hvala puuuuuuuuuuuuno Anči! :)))

EUROPA - Città del Vaticano

Very very happy to have this in my collection, Europa cover from the smallest country in the world :) Many thanks to Rita, and for a lovely postcard inside!

Malaysian Bantams

Colourful malaysian fowl, two of the set of three issued in 2001.  For the Animal Group in the RR, suggested by little me :) Thanks Nurul!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Animals Of Czech Republic

Gorgeous cover with animals for Nice Cover Circuit RR from Radim, thank you!! :))
On the right is a section from miniature sheet  Biosphere Reserve Lower Morava, issued in 2010. It shows the Old World Swallowtail butterflythe Wallcreeper bird  and the Common Kestrel. The stamp on the left shows the Tau Emperor moth and the red deer - a part of the miniature sheet of 4 stamps and 4 coupons featuring the diversity of the night-time forest beauty of the Křivoklátsko biosphere reserve. But it cannot by any standards be a MINIature sheet heh - look at all its beauty here:

Nordic Maritime 2012, Finland

A miniature sheet of two stamps Nordic Maritime 2012, sent by Heidi, thank you :)
Very nice Helsinki cancellation :D

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hong Kong Festivals

Thank you Yuen for the lovely festivals set, I like it how you put them on a bit differently :)

They are three of the set of five special stamps to portray five traditional festivals and the way people celebrate them; Tin Hau Festival (worshipping the goddess of the sea), Buddha's Birthday (held on the 8th day of the 4th month in the Chinese lunar calendar) and Kwun Yum Festival (celebrating Guanyin, the bodhisattva associated with compassion).

Rosslare-Fishguard Miniature Sheet, Ireland

This great mini-sheet from Ireland celebrates the centenary of the Rosslare-Fishguard Ferry Service in 2006. Its a shame that An Post doesn't practice cancelling the stamps all that often..! Thank you Fabio for my 1st cover from Éire :)

Sovereign Military Order Of Malta

With the full name: The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta or Sovrano Militare Ordine Ospedaliero di San Giovanni di Gerusalemme di Rodi e di Malta in Italian, where the cover has been sent from :) It is the world's oldest surviving order of chivalry, is headquartered in Rome and widely considered a sovereign subject of international law.
Today the order has about 13,000 members; 80,000 permanent volunteers and 20,000 medical personnel including doctors, nurses, auxiliaries and paramedics in more than 120 countries. The goal is to assist the elderly, handicapped, refugeed, children, homeless, those with terminal illness and leprosy in five continents of the world, without distinction of race or religion. Through its worldwide relief corps - Malteser International - the Order is also engaged to aid victims of natural disasters, epidemics and armed conflicts.

My first thought is: the world needs more such orders! I will admit my ignorance, I wasn't aware of its sovereignity esp in postal terms. The funny thing is, it was mentioned to me one day on the forum - and the very next day i've received this FANTASTIC surprise from Luca! The curious coincidences of life eh? :))) The stamp is issued in 2011 and celebrates 200th birthday of this great composer and pianist. Thanks so much Luca!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Cyprus and TRNC

I received wonderful surprises from Luca last week - Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus covers :)))
The first cover shows Cape Greco lighthouse; its one of the two lighthouse stamps in a set, issued in 2011.
The second is this year's European football championship issue of Northern Cyprus.Actually there is a third cover from Luca, which is so fantastic i'll leave it for next time when i have more time to write about it xD Thank you thank you thank you!!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

EUROPA 2012 - Macedonia

This year macedonian post issued three europa stamps - as far as i know their worth is ridiculously high for everyday usage, which makes it that much more precious to have this cover in my collection!
Hvala bossita :)

P.S. - as it turns out the third stamp was covered with the sticker??!! Blimey. Why would anyone do that...