Monday 22 October 2012

Toše Proeski, Macedonia

Last week was the sad 5th anniversary of the tragic demise of one of the most promising artists on the Balkans in the last decade - Todor Toše Proeski was a Macedonian singer, songwriter and actor who was popular across the entire Balkan area, not only because of his talent but also for his humanitarian work. His life was ended abruptly at the age of 26 in a car crash on the road to Zagreb. We all fondly remember him...
Hvala Ana, markice su stvarno prekrasne i kakve zasluzuje.. :)

Here is a song from his last album, in which he sings 'Because my life is a game with no boundaries, a tired story, tearing of the empty pages...'


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  1. uvek se naježim kad čujem ovu pesmu....naročito što je izašla baš u vreme kada se sve ono desilo =/