Sunday 27 January 2013

Animals Various

As we have a free choice for Sunday Stamps this week (and I have a limited range of stamps to show, but it would still be my choice!) here are some examples of my favourite theme - animals <3 These were sent to me for a special group in my 'home' RR by dear fellow postcrossers tinktink, ossuusso and newrule, I enjoy them very much, thank you!

The 1st one from Japan, showing pets - how awesome is the semi-shaped cat?!
The 2nd one from Estonia, a nice selection of native mammals.
The 3rd one from Malaysia, cool underwater creatures.
I hope there are more animal-lovers out there who will appreciate this..!
And now lets see what everyone else has in store for today...



  1. I'd pick the dog on the first and all the animals on the second.

  2. kako je slatka ta japanska maca! a i ove estonske su mi super!

  3. Cats are my favorite animal--I have two of them.

  4. I love the animal stamps (I now have a special book just for them!)
    I also like the airmail stamp on the Japanese envelope.

  5. I know the wild pig can be a tough animal, but I like the little striped piglets. Thank you for joining in this week.

  6. Great stamps!! I have the matching puppy to your Japanese kitten - I featured it on Sunday Stamps once before:
    I love Japanese stamps.
    But in this case, I think I like the Estonian ones the best. All great though. :)

  7. I certainly appreciate them! It's a lovely selection that you've shown us but my favourite of all has to be the cat. :)

  8. It's lovely to get covers with such a variety of stamps. The kitten on the first cover is adorable.

  9. I feel sure that dog is just waiting to be taken for a walk, cute. Nice Estonian mammals, of the underwater creatures I always find Moray Eels a bit scary but fascinating - if they are far enough away.