Saturday 5 October 2013

Nikola Tesla

This week Sunday Stamps theme is industry, interpreted broadly. I immediately thought of Nikola Tesla and what he had done for the development of electric power industry - today he is reffered to as a 'forgotten genius'. He patented AC induction motor and transformer, and has done extensive and dangerous power experiments. I hope you can see a movie about him one day (I have seen local production but would be great for Hollywood to acknowledge him too) because he was a very interesting and peculiar character..!
Issued in 1993 for the 50th anniversary of tesla's death.
More industrial feats here:


  1. Yes a fascinating character well worth a film.

  2. Neat stamp, and good for the theme. thank you for joining in.

  3. It sounds like he would be a great subject for a film. I like the cover and cancellation.
    Sorry if this appears twice only the first comment seems to have vanished.

  4. he was a great man indeed! not sure if Id actually want Hollywood to be the one making the story, but yeah, he definitely deserves a lot more acknowledgment! And that is one great FDC!

    1. Europe has done it but without enough resonance...i can imagine someone like aronofsky doing it ;)

  5. It's very strange that he isn't more well-known.

  6. I hadn't heard of him, but I guess the Tesla car must have been named after him.

  7. Never heard of him either.Thanks for introducing him to me.

    My Sunday Stamp

  8. I knew the name but not what he had done. A very appropriate stamp.

  9. You are right ... Tesla is overlooked by people. The industry owes much to this great inventor ... I think he was born in Croatia, but lived a long time in the U.S..
    Very nice this FDC!!
    Greetings from Brazil!