Sunday 15 September 2013

Tren A Las Nubes, Argentina

Theme for this week's Sunday Stamps is se-tenant stamps. I have only recently learned this is the name for stamps that are printed from the same plate and sheet and adjoin one another, unsevered in a strip of block. They may defer in design but also (as a much cooler example) have a continuous design so two or more stamps together make a whole image. Because of the size these would be difficult to use on a postcard (though I did receive one such example just last week! why not post that too :)) and the 'mini'sheet (from 2011) used here is actually much, much bigger and impossible to put on a cover even..!

These two stamps show the first stages of the development of  the Tren a las Nubes (Train to the Clouds), a popular touristic train service in Salta Province, Argentina's northwest. The mini-sheet is full of information like the heights that the train reaches on its way, which animals you can see there...The construction started in 1921, it encompasses 29 bridges, 21 tunnels, 13 viaducts, 2 spirals and 2 zigzags - the highest point is at 4220 meters! Who wouldn't wanna ride on it, it sounds amazing!!
To top it all the shape of the stamps is also not ordinary. I like it that the Sunday Stamps inspires me to look more into the wonderful covers and stamps that I've received over the years :)) Muchas gracias German! More to see here:


  1. Train To The Clouds is a nice name.

    Surely, one stamp isn't enough to contain the beauty of the whole length of a train! ;-)

  2. Interesting information, but kind of impractical for regular use.

  3. This meme has also made me look more closely at the stamps I have. And to learn so much more about the countries they come from.
    I would assume that if you were using a $5 stamp you'd be putting it on a larger envelope.