Sunday 15 December 2013

Norfolk Island Christmas Stamp

Hello, nice to be back on Sunday Stamps :) I can see that I've missed a few exciting topics, but I am sure there will be other chances to post ships and singers ;) I have come back from a trip and still haven't settled into a routine; I am sure there are plenty of holiday stamps to show, but this is the one that I have scanned some time ago and is ready to be posted...A Norfolk Island Christmas stamp from 1970, commemorating the first Christmas Service in 1788. Merry Xmas time everyone! xD
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  1. Nice to see you back!
    I have a Norfolk Pine as my Christmas tree - but it is much smaller than the one shown in the stamp!

  2. A very nice design, a stamp I haven't seen before.

  3. That's a great stamp with an historic significance.

  4. I looked up Norfolk Island and now know where it is!

    1. I had to look it up also. I had no idea where it was.

  5. Norfolk Island seems very special to me. A rare country! :)

  6. I have actually received a card from Norfolk Island via postcrossing. A special card.
    thank you for participating this week, glad to have you back.