Sunday 26 January 2014

Namibian Desert, SWA

A few months ago I treated myself with a (reasonably small) package of FDCs bought online, wanting to enlarge my still modest collection...this one because a) it was issued in 1977, b) I love panoramic stamps, c) it is a country that no longer exists under the given name, and d) great envelope with the skull! hihi :))
I was inspired to post it here for #155 Sunday Stamps because the theme is geology or landscapes, and these views of the grand, desolate Namibian desert seem to fit the theme :) SWA or South-West Africa is Namibia's former name, used during the German and later South-African (1915-1990) rule.
(Sorry its a bit dark, alas no way to make it brighter in Paint...I'll get the fine day...)
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  1. Stunning, the landscape shape is perfect. That skull sure tells you not to go wandering in there without supplies and a good GPS.

  2. A great fdc, the desert landscapes are amazing.

  3. The colours in these are lovely.

  4. Very dramatic scenery, making wonderful stamps.

  5. Just stunning, breathtaking! thanks for sharing!!

  6. Indeed an amazing landscape! I like the warm orange colours - but I agree, we should not go wandering there without thorough preparation..

    About making brighter: I don't have Photoshop either, but I discovered that you can do it well via opening the picture in Windows Photo Gallery (or maybe called Windows Picture Gallery, I've a Dutch version so maybe it is nemed different in English), and then edit brightness and/or contrast.

  7. "..I'll get the fine day..."

    IrfanView is free and powerful image editor:

    GIMP /ɡɪmp/ (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a raster graphics editor used for image retouching and editing, free-form drawing, resizing, cropping:

    BTW: Nice covers! :-)

  8. It's an amazing choice, wow!

    I use an easy fee-downloadable photo editor called Photoscape. Maybe it's useful for you.