Saturday 23 August 2014

Huangmei Opera, China

Time to post again after a whole month...starting with this gorgeous set of recent stamps with additional ones and great postmarks, thank you aeronest as always ;)
I had an additional thought to share this cover for the anything you wish theme on Viridian's Sunday Stamps. Let me find out some more info...
Huangmei opera is a type of local opera and an intangible cultural heritage. It originates from the early Tang dynasty and has 1400 years of history. It is one of the five biggest operas in China, along with Peking opera, Yueju opera, Pingju opera, and Yuju opera.
The stamps are released in Anhui Province which is the home of Huangmei Opera -  they feature opera artists from the old generation, and the painting makes sure the costume and gestures are all from original works of the plays.


  1. That's a beautiful cover. I like the way the stamps and postmarks are arranged all over the envelope.

  2. I have received one of these stamps, but I did not know of the opera connection. thank you for participating!

  3. What a great cover. Happy Sunday Stamps.

  4. I am always surprised by the elegance of the design of Chinese stamps like these three. Great cover.