Sunday 20 May 2018

The Night Sky Over The Gilbert Islands

Night sky and constellations is one of my favourite topics (collection-wise and in general) which makes me happy to present this cover for this week's Sunday Stamps - letter 'N'. First of all, something I didn't know before attaining this cover: Gilbert Islands form the main part of Kiribati. 

'The Gilbert and Ellice Islands became autonomous in 1971. From 1976 to 1978, the Ellice Islands were separated, and the Gilberts became the Gilbert Islands colony, which issued stamps under that name. In 1979, the Gilberts opted for independence, becoming the independent nation of Kiribati. The Ellice Islands became the independent nation of Tuvalu.'

The constellations on these stamps are some of the most recognisable in the Night Sky - the V-shape of the Taurus' head, the brightest star Sirius being part of Canis Major, Scorpio's Antares with the mystical reddish glow, and of course the Orion's belt. I live in a relatively 'unspoilt' area and the stars are bright and plenty on a clear night. Anyone else enjoys exploring the constellations? :)


  1. As someone in love with everything space-related, I am quite envious on this one, including the fact you live in an unspoilt area :D

    First time I hear of Gilbert Islands too! My lesson of the day :)

    1. you are always welcome to come here for a night of sky-watching ;)

  2. I prefer night skies, and not exactly astrology. But, no doubt these make beautiful stamps!

  3. I love your theme today, as well as the accompanying stamps.

  4. Good to see the history of the islands as well as this night sky theme - I must look at it more often.

  5. When I look at these constellations I can never what they are supposed to be but these stamps give a good diagram.
    And, while I knew about the Kiribati - Gilbert connection, I did not know about the Tuvalu - Ellice one.

    And I dearly wish I lived in a less urban and light polluted area to see more of the night sky. I get excited when I can see more than six stars at night!