Sunday 16 September 2018

Charles Darwin

I know that I've lost a sense of time when I prepare myself for posting D-letter stamps when in fact this sunday we're already on letter E lol. Despite this not being Darwin's day then, he is still considered to be the Father of the Evolution, and the stamp is issued by Correos del Ecuador :) The year is 2009, marking the bicentenary of Darwin's birth. This stamp also compelled me to read more about this guy, and it is really an interesting read! I wasn't aware that he was so young (only 22!) when he set off on the HMS Beagle survey voyage. 
I have bought this stamp in a PO in Ecuador amazed by its size - here you can see it against a standard size envelope. Alas a trip to the Galapagos Islands remains an unfulfilled wish...
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  1. I also like how you doubled up on a post (I did this myself in the last A-Z).

  2. I forgot how young Darwin was when he travelled on the Beagle because he is always portrayed as an old man.

  3. How cool it is to find a stamp that is appropriate for a double post :D

  4. damn, that is one huge stamp!
    Someone else has Galapagos on the (endless) bucket list too...khm khm

  5. A stamp whose size reflects the importance of the man.