Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Animals Cover From Estonia

Here is one fantastic cover sent to me by Heidi for the animals-themed group, which could also have done really well for the Sunday Stamps...great cancellations as always!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Croatian Wildlife

Croatian wildlife is not very diverse, but still a few interesting species can be found (and seen if you are lucky..!). I am particularly fond of these two FDCs which show deer and white-tailed eagle (issue from 1993) and loggerhead sea turtle and bottlenose dolphin (1995). These stamps, as from the 90´s, are not valid for current use. Grr. xD
Many many great stamps on this topic, check here!

Endangered Species Stamps

Here another sunday, and the topic of Sunday Stamps very close to my heart :) As I must have mentioned (a million times) before animals are my favourite theme on stamps, and today we post about wild animals. 
I start with a set of stamps entitled endangered species from Nevis, which I have found in a ´surprise philatelic package´ bought in a shop. I havent found much about it online, except that they were issued in 1998 (not printed on them). They show as follows: a young chimpanzee, keel-billed toucan, chaco peccary, spadefoot toad, howler monkey, alaskan brown bear, brown pelican and iguana. Quite an interesting company! The only confusing thing is, only a few of these creatures are truly endangered...

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Palestine Authority Mini-Sheets

This week I break from the habit and post the stamps alone - I am fairly new to collecting covers but I've been collecting stamps ever since I was a kid and have a reasonable collection in about a dozen albums :)
When I read that mini-sheets will be this week's topic on Sunday Stamps, I remembered my favourites and took a photo with my mobile (as I don't have a scanner at home, I hope you will forgive the irregularity!): I visited Bethlehem almost four years ago, the Post Office was nearby and I went a little beserk heh, I found so many beautiful stamps and the man working there was superfriendly! It must be one of my favourite 'postal moments' :))
Some stamps I've sent on postcards, this lot found its place in an album. The first mini-sheet was issued for xmas 1996 and shows the Nativity Scene. The second one,  Worship Of The Virgin Mary, is from 2004. The cacti under title Living Reservoirs are from 2003, and the sheets from 1998 show a representation of a Semitic Lord called Baal, and the last one of the admission of Palestine Authority to UN. 
You can see some fantastic mini-sheets on various blogs via the link below ;)

Thursday, 15 August 2013


This is a RAS cover arranged by a dear friend - actually he wanted me to receive my 1st written & stamped postcard from Montserrat, but this is still pretty good isn't it? :) The stamp with White Peacock is one of the many butterfly definitives issued in 2012, and the postcard really has a 'wow' effect (ashes from erupted volcano ready to annihilate a house).

Lorca, Spain

Two of five stamps issued in 2012 under title 'Todos Con Lorca', representing the town Lorca's beautiful sites: St. Patrick's Collegiate Church and Guevara Palace.  Gracias Cesar :)

Kuna People, Panama

My first cover from Panama includes a stamp from a set of four titled 'Homage to Kuna People' issued in 2002, and a cancellation basically 'swallowing' it..! :) Once again my thanks goes to Patrick :)