Sunday, 20 May 2018

The Night Sky Over The Gilbert Islands

Night sky and constellations is one of my favourite topics (collection-wise and in general) which makes me happy to present this cover for this week's Sunday Stamps - letter 'N'. First of all, something I didn't know before attaining this cover: Gilbert Islands form the main part of Kiribati. 

'The Gilbert and Ellice Islands became autonomous in 1971. From 1976 to 1978, the Ellice Islands were separated, and the Gilberts became the Gilbert Islands colony, which issued stamps under that name. In 1979, the Gilberts opted for independence, becoming the independent nation of Kiribati. The Ellice Islands became the independent nation of Tuvalu.'

The constellations on these stamps are some of the most recognisable in the Night Sky - the V-shape of the Taurus' head, the brightest star Sirius being part of Canis Major, Scorpio's Antares with the mystical reddish glow, and of course the Orion's belt. I live in a relatively 'unspoilt' area and the stars are bright and plenty on a clear night. Anyone else enjoys exploring the constellations? :)

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Letter Writing Day In Japan

The Letter Writing Day can be a bit I found on numerous sites that this 'holiday' falls on 7th of December, then again on the official World Letter Writing Day page the date is 1st of September, and Japan issues LWD stamps each year (for over two decades now) on 23rd of July. In any case, its a nice way of reminding people of the (still) existence of letters. I am hoping to pick it up again as well, just a few pen-pals to keep it going. As usual the Japan Post issue (from 2003) is very cute, plus a Hello Kitty postmark.
This is my latest post for the Sunday Stamps - via the link you can see more entries i.e. stamps for the letter 'L'. In case you want to see my 'L' postcard you can click my blog here.