Monday, 27 August 2012

Cyprus and TRNC

I received wonderful surprises from Luca last week - Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus covers :)))
The first cover shows Cape Greco lighthouse; its one of the two lighthouse stamps in a set, issued in 2011.
The second is this year's European football championship issue of Northern Cyprus.Actually there is a third cover from Luca, which is so fantastic i'll leave it for next time when i have more time to write about it xD Thank you thank you thank you!!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

EUROPA 2012 - Macedonia

This year macedonian post issued three europa stamps - as far as i know their worth is ridiculously high for everyday usage, which makes it that much more precious to have this cover in my collection!
Hvala bossita :)

P.S. - as it turns out the third stamp was covered with the sticker??!! Blimey. Why would anyone do that...

Francisco de Miranda, Venezuela

wow i was really hopeful when i started this blog..! High time to introduce some of the covers received...i am starting with a letter from my dear friend who travelled through south america with me and saw me off at the caracas airport. some weeks later he sent me a letter...which took 15 months to arrive! better late than never eh? It was sent from Santa Elena de Uairén, a small town near the border with Brazil and Guyana.
The stamp is a joint venezuela-france issue from 2009, showing the venezuelan revolutionary Francisco de Miranda :)