Sunday, 26 January 2014

Namibian Desert, SWA

A few months ago I treated myself with a (reasonably small) package of FDCs bought online, wanting to enlarge my still modest collection...this one because a) it was issued in 1977, b) I love panoramic stamps, c) it is a country that no longer exists under the given name, and d) great envelope with the skull! hihi :))
I was inspired to post it here for #155 Sunday Stamps because the theme is geology or landscapes, and these views of the grand, desolate Namibian desert seem to fit the theme :) SWA or South-West Africa is Namibia's former name, used during the German and later South-African (1915-1990) rule.
(Sorry its a bit dark, alas no way to make it brighter in Paint...I'll get the fine day...)
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